John Tye B.Sc., C.Eng.
Piano Tuner
for the Northampton area
I was trained at Newark and Sherwood College - a 3-year practical course in tuning and repair. After 3 years' experience I passed The Piano Tuners' Association exam. I now attend their conventions and courses to learn more,
which I always do. My previous life was as a design engineer. I have been a piano owner and player for more than 40 years.
I am insured against breaking your Ming vase.

Pianos rarely need just tuning; they usually need some adjustment or preventative maintenance. Simple work of this nature I simply do as part of the tuning, because I simply enjoy it. More serious repairs are of course chargeable, and range from jobs that can be done on the customer's site, such as individual string replacement, to complete renovations. I do not tackle complete renovations, because I consider it to be impractical for one person.
Member of The Pianoforte Tuners' Association
Piano Life Saver humidity control installer
Member of The Institute of Musical Instrument Technology
Member of The Federation of Small Businesses
General Data Protection Regulations
This website does not collect any personal data.
The only personal data that I hold are each client's name and address and any other contact information that the client gave me for the purpose of maintaining their piano.
These data will be used solely for visiting the client with their agreement or for contacting the client, with their agreement, in connection with their piano. Nobody else has access to these data, and they will not be divulged to anybody else without the client's specific permission.
The data will be held for eight years from my last visit, then deleted. Some contact information can be deleted immediately on request.